Adik Sa’yo – Vivamax Movie

Two siblings are together. One is addicted to drugs, and the other is addicted to love.

Are they each other’s remedy?

JM de Guzman still has it. In his comeback to the cinema after four years, his talent is still evident. Cindy Miranda gave her all in comedy, but she shines even more in dramatic scenes. Meg Imperial’s performance is sincere, and you quickly become invested in her character.

At some point in the movie, you’ll root for JM and Meg’s love team because they have a proper story. There’s a journey that you can follow.

On the other hand, the backstory of Cindy’s character is not enough for you to sympathize with her actions. Her being “crazy in love” feels empty.

The addiction to recovery phase is barely noticeable and unsatisfyingly brief. Yet this aspect should be given the most importance because it could’ve added more weight and depth to the story.

The therapy sessions are more focused on how to sound like a movie quote rather than simply explaining things and having genuine conversations, no matter how harsh and plain the words can be. In the end, the discussions weren’t fruitful enough to make an impact on the characters or the audience.

The transition from comedy to drama to romance wasn’t smooth. The typical romantic comedy lines uttered towards the end contradicted and compromised the movie’s message.

The message about drugs and love is addicting. It has inherent beauty, but its delivery is not complete. The two types of characters were not effectively integrated into one story.

The lines have a rhythm. However, they don’t fit well in the scenes, causing the essence to gradually fade away.

The comparison between love and drugs is precise and heart-wrenching, but how the movie conveyed that message is not captivating.

The message is addicting, but not the film itself.

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