alona navarro

Alona Navarro – Vivamax Actress

Alona Navarro, a talented Filipino actress and model, has made notable contributions to the film and television industry since her career launch in 2022. Born in the Philippines, Navarro quickly gained recognition through her roles in various films and TV series.

Her acting journey began in 2022, marked by her performance in the acclaimed film “Suki” and the movie “Marga.” That same year, she expanded her repertoire by portraying the character ‘Iza’ in the TV series “Lovely Ladies Dormitory.”

Navarro’s filmography continued to grow with the release of “Purificacion,” further showcasing her versatile acting skills. The year 2023 brought more opportunities for Navarro, with her involvement in two more films, “Beloved” and “Young Grace,” both of which have contributed to her rising prominence in the entertainment industry.

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