Andrea garcia

Andrea Garcia – Vivamax Actress

Andrea Garcia is emerging as one of the latest sensations under Viva, known for her roles in the eight-part series “Secrets of a Nympho” and the movie “Alapaap,” both set to be streamed on Vivamax. Coming from a lineage of actors, she is the granddaughter of the esteemed actress Marissa Delgado and daughter of Kevin Delgado, who also dabbled in acting during his youth.

Andrea shared that her grandmother had encouraged her to pursue acting for a long time, but she only recently committed to it. Initially keeping her foray into showbiz a secret from her family, she surprised them with her decision. Before joining the industry, Andrea established herself as a social media influencer on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, gaining a significant following. Her association with Viva Artists Agency marked her formal entry into acting, leading to roles in “Iskandalo” and “High on Sex.”

Growing up around the showbiz environment during her grandmother’s tapings, Andrea was exposed to acting from a young age. She also took acting workshops to hone her skills. Currently, she has paused her college education to focus on her acting career, with ambitions in singing and hosting as well.

Andrea admires Anne Curtis for her acting prowess and hosting charisma, aspiring to emulate Curtis’s journey from sexy roles to being recognized for her talent. She expressed a desire to grow in her craft, committing to giving her best in all projects.

In “Secrets of a Nympho,” Andrea plays a campus girl entangled in a mystery surrounding a top jock’s death, portrayed by Arron Villaflor. Her character faces relationship challenges due to her boyfriend’s (Jiad Arroyo) secret affair.

“Alapaap” sees her in the role of Cathy, a film student experimenting with drugs. Her character navigates complex relationships, including a secret affair with another girl in her group.

Describing her approach to sexy roles, Andrea proudly states she has no restrictions and considers herself to be the most daring among her peers, showcasing her confidence and commitment to her career.

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