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Following her role in the revenge-thriller “Bata Pa si Sabel,” Micaella Raz stars in “Boso Dos,” a new action film where she plays a secret agent infiltrating a drug syndicate. The plot thickens as she becomes involved in a dangerous love triangle with a police officer, portrayed by Gold Aceron, and the syndicate boss, played by Vince Rillon, whom she aims to capture.

Discussing her experience, Raz reflects on her previous work with Vince Rillon in “Virgin Forest” and her first-time collaboration with Gold Aceron and director Jon Red. She praises the comfortable and enjoyable working environment created by Red and expresses her enthusiasm for returning to action roles. Following “Boso Dos,” Raz is set to pivot to a drama series.

“Boso Dos,” premiering on Vivamax on February 3, delves into the treacherous world of drug syndicates. This movie is a follow-up to the 2005 film “Boso,” directed by Jon Red, which centered around a voyeur in a boarding house and starred Katya Santos, Epy Quizon, Jaycee Parker, and Gwen Garci. Notably, Epy and Katya reappear in “Boso Dos.”

In “Boso Dos,” also helmed by Jon Red, a team of secret agents surveils an apartment converted into a drug den, targeting suspected drug trafficker Badong (Vince Rillon). Gold Aceron plays Mario, an agent who finds excitement in observing the drug syndicate’s activities, partly due to the sexual fantasies these observations evoke. Mario’s girlfriend, Stephanie (Chloe Jenna), works at a call center.

The arrival of new recruit Ara (Micaella Raz), with her striking looks and bold demeanor, captivates the agents, including Mario. Ara’s mission to get close to Badong is crucial for gathering information and eventually arresting the syndicate members. However, complications arise as both Mario and Badong develop feelings for Ara, leading to a web of manipulation and deceit.

The film, directed by Cannes Film Festival award-winning director Jon Red, features a cast including Gold Aceron, Micaella Raz, Vince Rillon, Amor Lapus, Alvaro Oteyza, and Chloe Jenna, with appearances by seasoned actors like Rico Soliman, Ronnie Lazaro, Katya Santos, and Epy Quizon.

“Boso Dos,” a Viva Films production, warns viewers to stay vigilant and trust no one. The film streams exclusively on Vivamax starting February 3.

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