Sensual. Tempestuous. Untamed. Experience the captivating world of an adult entertainment platform, where boundaries are pushed and desires are unleashed.

Vivamax proudly presents #DOYOUTHINKIAMSEXY, featuring the irresistible duo of Cloe Barreto and Marco Gomez, two of Viva’s boldest and most captivating stars who fearlessly embrace their roles. These talented actors previously collaborated in Joel Lamangan’s acclaimed film, “Silab.”

Cloe Barreto portrays Charlize, a college student who financially supports herself by creating captivating content for #DoYouThinkIAmSexy.com. Online, she adopts the persona of Elle, captivating the attention of a devoted client who can’t resist her allure.

Marco Gomez embodies Trystan, a college teacher who secretly subscribes to #DoYouThinkIAmSexy.com. Entranced by his fantasies, he implores Elle to create erotic videos that fulfill his deepest desires.

Fate intervenes when Trystan and Charlize/Elle unexpectedly encounter each other in the flesh, within the confines of their classroom. Amid the initial surprise, Trystan realizes that while Charlize may be an esteemed online model, her academic prowess leaves much to be desired.

As Trystan takes advantage of Charlize, she schemes to exact revenge. She will grant him unparalleled pleasure, only to ensure that the climax is accompanied by unbearable pain.

#DOYOUTHINKIAMSEXY is a masterpiece crafted by the talented Dennis N. Marasigan, a renowned filmmaker recognized for his exceptional screenplays at the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Golden Screen Awards.

The film’s irresistible allure is heightened by an exceptional supporting cast, including Chloe Jenna, Hershie de Leon, Milana Ikimoto, and Ava Mendez.

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