Dr. Cha Korean Drama

“Doctor Cha” is a drama series produced by JTBC that aired in 2023. The story revolves around Cha Jung-Sook, a doctor who decides to leave her medical career behind to become a full-time housewife and dedicate herself to her family. However, after two decades, she unexpectedly finds herself returning to medical school as a resident student. The series follows her journey as she faces the challenges of balancing her personal life, reacquainting herself with the medical field, and pursuing her passion for medicine once again.

Genre: Medical, Slice of Life Number of Episodes: 16 Writer: Jung Yeo-Rang Director: Kim Dae-Jin Network: JTBC Streaming Platform: Netflix Premiere Date: April 15, 2023


Cha Jung-Sook (Uhm Jung-Hwa) is married to Seo In-Ho (Kim Byung-Chul), a renowned chief surgeon at a prestigious university hospital. In-Ho is known for his strict, meticulous, and detail-oriented personality, which has earned him a reputation as a highly skilled and dedicated professional.

Throughout their marriage, Jung-Sook has been a devoted full-time housewife, putting her own aspirations on hold after making the difficult decision to give up her medical career during her residency years. However, after two decades of supporting her husband’s career and raising their family, she feels a strong desire to reignite her passion for medicine.

Motivated by her unwavering determination and longing to pursue her dreams, Jung-Sook makes the courageous decision to restart her medical residency. Despite the challenges that lie ahead, including the demanding nature of the profession and the need to catch up on the latest advancements, she is willing to put in the hard work and dedication required to succeed.

As she embarks on this new chapter of her life, Jung-Sook faces various obstacles. From the skepticism of her peers to the difficulty of balancing her responsibilities as a wife, mother, and medical resident, she must navigate a complex web of challenges while maintaining her unwavering resolve.

With the support of her husband In-Ho, who recognizes and respects her passion for medicine, Jung-Sook finds strength and encouragement in their relationship. In-Ho, despite his strict and meticulous personality, understands the importance of pursuing one’s dreams and stands by her side as she strives to fulfill her potential.

Together, Jung-Sook and In-Ho face the ups and downs of their respective journeys, finding solace and inspiration in each other. Jung-Sook’s decision to restart her medical residency not only represents her personal growth but also serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of pursuing one’s true calling, no matter the obstacles that may stand in the way.

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