Kabayo – Vivamax Movie


The trend of prioritizing explicit scenes in Vivamax’s productions seems evident in “Kabayo,” the directorial debut of Pinoy-Italian Gianfranco Morciano. The film, catering to the expectations of Vivamax’s audience, is filled with steamy sequences that leave little to the imagination.

The movie kicks off with a bedroom scene featuring Rico Barrera and his partner Julia Victoria, escalating to various adventurous encounters including threesomes. The film features Apple Castro, Angelo Ilagan, and Paolo Rivero in key roles, engaging in these explicit scenes.

The narrative, seemingly a backdrop for the sexual content, revolves around Rico as Conrad and Julia as Laurene, a couple strained by the demands of Laurene’s brother Max, played by Ping Medina. The story also involves Easton, a balikbayan portrayed by Angelo Ilagan, whose girlfriend Mara Flores is Julia’s friend. Their liberated lifestyle leads to a mix of relationships and encounters, including lesbian and a brief homosexual interaction.

The title “Kabayo,” meaning horse, is a dual reference to Rico’s character, who works tirelessly both at his job and in satisfying Julia’s needs, and also hints at his physical attributes.

Performance-wise, the cast, mostly newcomers, are unabashed in front of the camera but lack depth in acting. This calls for more training to enhance their skills. Rico Barrera, despite his years in showbiz since joining via PBB in 2005, struggles with nuanced acting, suggesting a need for further development.

Angelo Ilagan, who made an impactful debut in “Sarong Banggi” in 2005, stands out as the most skilled actor in “Kabayo.” His portrayal of the complex Easton shows promise. With his current association with Vivamax, there’s hope for more substantial roles for him in the future.

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