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la querida

“LA Querida” intertwines two love stories: the romance of young lovers Joel (Arron Villaflor) and Maria (Angela Morena) in their 20s, and the complex relationship of Leo (Jay Manalo) and Connie (Mercedes Cabral), a couple in their 40s. Initially, the connection between these tales is unclear, but as the movie unfolds, their link is revealed in an unexpected manner, distinct from the dual narrative style of “Bela Luna.”

Resembling “The Notebook” in its exploration of young and mature love, the film opens with Joel and Maria’s chance meeting at the Rizal Monument in Luneta, bonding over Rizal’s “Mi Ultimo Adios.” Their initial encounter, intended as a one-night stand, evolves into a deeper relationship, despite personal issues: Angela with her overbearing father (Rey Abellana) and Arron grappling with maternal conflicts.

The plot thickens when Angela is revealed to be married to Javy (Josef Elizalde), leaving Arron feeling betrayed. Meanwhile, Leo, a married man with a daughter, encounters Connie in church, only to discover she has been stalking him and willingly becomes his mistress.

Scriptwriter Eric Ramos skillfully brings these narratives to a satisfying conclusion, though the acceptance of the story’s resolution heavily relies on the audience’s engagement with the casting choices, akin to “The Notebook’s” transformation of its characters over time.

Performances in “LA Querida” are commendable. Arron and Angela deliver convincingly in both light-hearted and intense scenes, while Jay and Mercedes exhibit a strong dramatic rapport. The supporting cast, including Aurora Sevilla, Irma Adlawan, and Andrew Muhlach, enhances the film’s depth.

Director GB Sampedro’s craftsmanship shines in this Vivamax production. With Carlo Montano’s exceptional cinematography, he skillfully weaves these stories, making “LA Querida” a compelling watch.

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