Lagaslas – Vivamax Movie


Prepare to immerse yourself in an unprecedented, steamy drama-thriller brought to you by Vivamax. Titled “Lagaslas,” this movie marks a daring venture into the world of erotic drama. The film features Manang Medina and VR Relosa in leading roles and will be available for streaming exclusively on Vivamax starting February 17.

“Lagaslas” narrates the intense tale of a young man, Edmar, portrayed by VR Relosa, who develops an obsessive infatuation with Karisma, played by Manang Medina. Their paths cross when Edmar glimpses Karisma bathing one morning, sparking his fixation.

Set in a quaint provincial town, the story delves into Edmar’s growing obsession. He frequently spies on Karisma, his neighbor, becoming enamored after witnessing her unclothed during a bath. This voyeuristic behavior reveals to him that Karisma is the caretaker of her adoptive father, Vicencio, a disabled elderly man portrayed by Julio Diaz.

One day, as Edmar continues his routine of spying, Karisma catches him. However, instead of rebuffing him, she surprisingly allows him to touch her, initiating a series of sensual encounters.

Edmar, perceived as na├»ve, believes his relationship with Karisma is flourishing. His world is upended when he discovers a hidden romantic affair between Karisma and Vicencio. The revelation leaves him heartbroken and desperate to win Karisma’s sole affection.

“Lagaslas” features fresh talents VR Relosa and Manang Medina, alongside seasoned actors Julio Diaz, Rubi Rubi, and Arnold Reyes. This film is notable for being the first Vivamax Original Movie directed by Christopher Novabos, marking his mainstream directorial debut.

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