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salamat daks

Director Bobby Bonifacio returns with his third Vivamax movie, “Salamat Daks,” set to stream from March 10. Following his debut with the psychological thriller “Tahan,” starring Cloe Baretto, and the black comedy “Bula,” with Ayanna Misola, Bonifacio now ventures into sexy comedy.

“Salamat Daks” stars Alma Moreno as Maricar, a woman in her 50s who hasn’t experienced love until she falls for a younger vlogger, Nikko Natividad. Debbie Garcia portrays her friend who persuades her to undergo cosmetic enhancements to match Nikko’s youthful appeal, leading Maricar to invest her savings in these procedures. The film, originally titled “Botox Beauty,” features Ayanna Misola as the younger-looking Maricar post-enhancements. The title playfully references the phrase “Salamat Doc,” hinting at Nikko’s character’s notable physical attribute.

Bonifacio acknowledges the similarity of his movie to transformation stories like “Miss Granny,” but emphasizes that “Salamat Daks” differentiates itself as a sexy comedy centered on cosmetic surgery and its impact.

Casting was a meticulous process. Ayanna Misola was a natural choice following their collaboration in “Bula.” For the lead role, Viva’s Boss Vic suggested Alma Moreno, who resonated with Maricar’s character, especially the aspect of falling for a younger person—a personal experience for Moreno. Bonifacio praises Moreno’s openness and professionalism on set.

Nikko Natividad was selected for his comedic talent, evident in his vlogs. Despite initial hesitation due to the film’s sexy love scenes, Natividad embraced the role, including a daring scene in the film.

Bonifacio views cosmetic enhancements positively if they boost confidence and personality, but he believes inner beauty and kindness are paramount. Looking ahead, he plans to direct two horror films and hopes to release a romcom in theaters.

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