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Rose Van Ginkel delivered a remarkable performance in last year’s “Kitty K7,” portraying a graphic artist who transforms into a captivating camgirl named Kitty K7 after being cheated on by her boyfriend. Her compelling portrayal in this title role is deemed worthy of an acting nomination. Her career momentum continues, with notable roles in “Martyr or Murderer” and a Disney Plus action series, “Big Bet,” where she stars alongside a Korean actor.

Van Ginkel now takes on a significant role in the Vivamax mini-series “Stalkers,” playing Apple, the secret crush of Wilbert Ross’s character, Harry. In this series, Harry is an introverted individual who becomes fixated on Apple and begins stalking her. When asked if she had experienced stalking in real life, Rose, who had just celebrated her birthday before the Sunday press conference for “Stalkers,” shared that she was stalked in college. This experience, involving persistent attention and unsolicited gifts, was intimidating and led her to fear going out for a time.

Directed by Easy Ferrer, known for “Finding You,” “The Missing,” and the Boys Love series “Ben and Jim,” “Stalkers” explores the theme of obsession and the consequences of strong feelings toward someone.

The narrative of “Stalkers” centers on Harry, portrayed by Wilbert Ross, an IT expert at a BPO company with a mysterious past. Despite being good-looking, Harry is reclusive due to his skin condition and low self-esteem. He harbors deep-seated issues and fantasizes about women, including Apple, portrayed by Rose Van Ginkel. Apple is depicted as alluring and enigmatic, attracting many admirers, including Harry, who becomes her secret stalker.

The series delves into Harry’s obsession with Apple, raising questions about the extent of his surveillance and what revelations about Apple might emerge. It explores whether any unsavory discoveries about Apple would diminish Harry’s admiration or intensify it.

Joining the cast of “Stalkers” are Mark Anthony Fernandez, Yayo Aguila, Nico Locco, Gwen Garci, Keanna Reeves, Millen Gal, Chloe Jenna, Rash Flores, and Shienna Yu. The series is set to premiere on February 26, taking over the Sunday slot from “Erotica Manila.” “Stalkers” promises to be a gripping addition to the Vivamax Original Series lineup.

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