Angeli Khang – Vivamax Actress

Angeli Khang is a renowned actress, model, and influential figure on social media. She has made a name for herself through notable roles in films such as “Mahjong Nights” (2021), “Silip Sa Apoy” (2022), and “Eva” (2021).

As a talent of Viva Artists Agency, Angeli has been able to showcase her skills and talent in the entertainment industry. Prior to her acting career, she worked as a model at Philmoda Entertainment Production, honing her craft and building her experience.

Hugas – Vivamax Drama Movie

Just two weeks into the new year, VivaMax has once again resorted to their usual formula. The film titled “Hugas” (which means “Wash” in English) lacks any meaningful context and instead relies on cheap wordplay to evoke a sensual tone. This is a clear indication that VivaMax is once again prioritizing sex appeal over substance, resulting in a mindless film that exaggerates its sexual content.

The story revolves around Al (Sean de Guzman) and Liezl (AJ Raval), a couple who are former gang members and recently married. Fed up with their criminal lifestyle, they decide to escape from their vengeful former boss, Dencio (Jay Manalo), without his consent. However, Dencio is determined to track them down, leading to a tense chase. Can the two lovers find a way to break free from their abusive circumstances?

This film reaches new levels of absurdity. One particular scene stands out, where the gang embarks on a bank heist, only to pause for an explicit sexual encounter between Sean de Guzman and Stephanie Raz, who portrays a bank teller. VivaMax’s obsession with explicit content is evident, as the film offers no substantial story or character development. It relies solely on occasional sex scenes to grab attention. The excessive use of such scenes has gone beyond being seductive; it’s simply repulsive.

Moreover, apart from Jay Manalo, the cast fails to deliver compelling performances. AJ Raval and Sean de Guzman appear awkward and wooden in their roles as criminals, and Raval, in particular, exposes the limitations of her acting skills. The only redeeming aspect of the film is Roman Perez Jr.’s vibrant and visually appealing cinematography. The director managed to make the visuals captivating and even incorporated unexpected creative shots. However, it is important to note that a film cannot be solely judged based on its visuals or explicit content. “Hugas” solely relies on surface-level aesthetics. The film attempts to criticize corrupt politicians while ironically engaging in a blatant robbery of the local film industry and the hard-earned money of viewers today.

SAPUL – Vivamax Movie

One morning, Police Officer Leandro Acuba (Jeric Raval) hurriedly took his young son Francis (Apollo Arag) to the hospital due to a high fever. He immediately called his wife Melissa (Ina Alegre), who was working in a corporate job in the city. Melissa left the ongoing board election she was conducting and rushed back to see her son.

During the same morning, suspended Police Officer Isidro Ticson (Kiko Estrada) lingered near the house of his estranged wife Shiela (Christine Bermas). He desperately wanted to discuss the possibility of reconciling with her. However, Shiela had already been deeply hurt by Isidro’s alcoholism and other serious flaws. She had no intention of seeing him again.

Also on that morning, Police Officer Ryan Villa (Richard Solano) had just had a romantic encounter with his fiancée Ava (Ada Hermosa). The couple was eagerly preparing for their upcoming wedding scheduled in a week. At the age of 35, Ryan shared a close bond with his mother Lyn (Suzette Ranillo), who owned the pharmacy where Shiela worked as a salesgirl.

The lives of these three police officers, who coincidentally served in the same precinct in a small town in Oriental Mindoro, under Chief of Police Philip Mijares (Simon Ibarra), had only minimal connections to one another. The narration of these mundane events dragged on unnecessarily, leaving the audience with a sense of an empty script. Moreover, true to Vivamax’s style, the film included random sex scenes, both in the present day and as flashbacks, seemingly to prolong the running time.

Director Reynold Giba, a protégé of Brillante Mendoza, had now written and directed his second film after “Bata Pa si Sabel” (2022). “Sapul” marked Giba’s first film without his mentor’s name in the credits. It is unclear what story the director was attempting to convey here; even the so-called twist appeared out of nowhere and failed to make an impact. The violence towards the end was predictably cliché, following the typical Vivamax formula.

Christine Bermas had already demonstrated her acting prowess, so she should be given more challenging roles instead of wasting her time on this project. Kiko Estrada had previously portrayed an alcoholic character, so this role offered nothing new for him. Jeric Raval’s character, despite having a sex scene with an actress half his age, felt underdeveloped. Richard Solano, on the other hand, played a good-natured character for a change, but his character’s fate was apparent from the beginning.

Hilom – Vivamax Movie

How do you cope and heal when you’re in pain? Do you allow yourself to be consumed by sorrow until the pain subsides? (HILOM) Do you turn to temporary distractions or indulge in vices for momentary happiness? Perhaps you seek solace in travel, using it as an opportunity to escape and discover more about yourself. Alternatively, you may find comfort in the support of your family and friends, seeking reassurance that you are not alone in your struggles.

This June, witness the inspiring journey of a young man as he embarks on a path to mend his broken heart, guided by a stranger he encounters by fate.

Meet Sam (Arron Villaflor), a determined individual who meticulously plans every aspect of his life. In the prime of his years, he enjoys a fulfilling long-term relationship that seems almost perfect. Sam is content with his life and can hardly ask for more.

However, everything changes in an instant when his girlfriend of 10 years rejects his marriage proposal and ends their relationship. Devastated and overwhelmed, Sam finds himself in a state of despair, contemplating an end to his suffering.

No amount of sleep or medication can alleviate Sam’s profound sadness.

In an attempt to ease his troubled mind, Sam’s friends take him to a beach resort, offering him an escape from the relentless cycle of negative thoughts. It is here that he crosses paths with Sammy (Christine Bermas), a carefree and aspiring food vlogger.

Initially, Sam and Sammy struggle to find common ground due to their contrasting personalities. However, their shared experiences of heartbreak enable them to realize that they have more in common than they initially thought.

Sammy presents Sam with her Lucky-9 list, a set of guidelines she used to move on from her own past relationship. As Sammy helps Sam move forward, a deep connection begins to develop between them, and they both find themselves falling for one another.

Will Sammy be the one to help Sam finally let go of his pain and find healing? Or is she merely a life lesson that Sam must learn from and move on? Brace yourself for the unpredictable twists and turns in this narrative. While it may appear to be a familiar boy-meets-girl story, this film is so much more.

Directed by the versatile filmmaker GB Sampedro, allow yourself to embark on a transformative journey that will help you heal from your own painful past. Experience the premiere of “Hilom” on Vivamax this June 9, 2023.

Adik Sa’yo – Vivamax Movie

Two siblings are together. One is addicted to drugs, and the other is addicted to love.

Are they each other’s remedy?

JM de Guzman still has it. In his comeback to the cinema after four years, his talent is still evident. Cindy Miranda gave her all in comedy, but she shines even more in dramatic scenes. Meg Imperial’s performance is sincere, and you quickly become invested in her character.

At some point in the movie, you’ll root for JM and Meg’s love team because they have a proper story. There’s a journey that you can follow.

On the other hand, the backstory of Cindy’s character is not enough for you to sympathize with her actions. Her being “crazy in love” feels empty.

The addiction to recovery phase is barely noticeable and unsatisfyingly brief. Yet this aspect should be given the most importance because it could’ve added more weight and depth to the story.

The therapy sessions are more focused on how to sound like a movie quote rather than simply explaining things and having genuine conversations, no matter how harsh and plain the words can be. In the end, the discussions weren’t fruitful enough to make an impact on the characters or the audience.

The transition from comedy to drama to romance wasn’t smooth. The typical romantic comedy lines uttered towards the end contradicted and compromised the movie’s message.

The message about drugs and love is addicting. It has inherent beauty, but its delivery is not complete. The two types of characters were not effectively integrated into one story.

The lines have a rhythm. However, they don’t fit well in the scenes, causing the essence to gradually fade away.

The comparison between love and drugs is precise and heart-wrenching, but how the movie conveyed that message is not captivating.

The message is addicting, but not the film itself.

LAWA – Vivamax Movie

Lawa is a Vivamax original thriller film directed by Phil Giordano and produced by Viva Films.

It stars Sean De Guzman, Cara Gonzales, Jela Cuenca, Josef Elizalde, Julia Victoria, Sheila Snow, Millen Gal, Thor Gomez, Ardy Raymundo, Massimo Scofield, Yuki Sakamoto, and Ivan Padilla. Lawa premiered on March 2, 2023, on Vivamax.

Peter (Sean de Guzman) worked as a videographer for weddings and events. However, he had a lot of free time and often visited a secluded and picturesque lakeside camping area where couples enjoyed their time together in the open air. In a disturbing turn of events, Peter started secretly filming their intimate moments and profiting by sharing the videos on an online adult website.

During one of his voyeuristic escapades, Peter targeted a young woman named Mia (Cara Gonzales) while she was taking a shower. Surprisingly, instead of reacting angrily, Mia approached him with friendliness. Unfortunately, Mia had a rough and menacing boyfriend named RJ (Josef Elizalde), who did not appreciate Peter’s presence around his girlfriend. As Peter continued to surreptitiously film Mia and RJ engaging in sexual acts, he witnessed Mia unexpectedly attacking RJ, slashing his neck.

One of the standout aspects of this film is the exceptional cinematography by Richmond Cadsawan, who beautifully captured the chosen location in San Marcelino, Zambales. The serene and calm surface of the lake, reminiscent of the enigmatic Lake Mapanuepe formed by the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo, combined with the majestic agoho trees dominating the shoreline, create a visually stunning backdrop.

Cinephiles familiar with the Cannes Film Festival may recognize that a significant part of the plot draws inspiration from the 2013 Un Certain Regard entry, “Stranger on the Lake,” directed by Alain Guiraudie, which won the Best Director award. While that film focused on a serial killer who targeted gay men at a nude beach, writer-director Phil Giordano takes this premise and adds his own twists to enhance the story, resulting in a provocative and gripping LGBT-themed erotic thriller.

Sean de Guzman delivers a noteworthy performance as Peter, skillfully portraying the disturbing and nuanced character of a perverted voyeur. However, Cara Gonzales’s portrayal of the seductive and knife-wielding Mia lacks consistency. Ivan Padilla’s casting as detective Jonell feels miscast and awkward. “Lake of Secrets” marks Giordano’s third film for Vivamax, following “Pusoy” and “Pabuya.” Despite its short runtime of 73 minutes, this film boasts the most coherent plot among the three.


Sensual. Tempestuous. Untamed. Experience the captivating world of an adult entertainment platform, where boundaries are pushed and desires are unleashed.

Vivamax proudly presents #DOYOUTHINKIAMSEXY, featuring the irresistible duo of Cloe Barreto and Marco Gomez, two of Viva’s boldest and most captivating stars who fearlessly embrace their roles. These talented actors previously collaborated in Joel Lamangan’s acclaimed film, “Silab.”

Cloe Barreto portrays Charlize, a college student who financially supports herself by creating captivating content for Online, she adopts the persona of Elle, captivating the attention of a devoted client who can’t resist her allure.

Marco Gomez embodies Trystan, a college teacher who secretly subscribes to Entranced by his fantasies, he implores Elle to create erotic videos that fulfill his deepest desires.

Fate intervenes when Trystan and Charlize/Elle unexpectedly encounter each other in the flesh, within the confines of their classroom. Amid the initial surprise, Trystan realizes that while Charlize may be an esteemed online model, her academic prowess leaves much to be desired.

As Trystan takes advantage of Charlize, she schemes to exact revenge. She will grant him unparalleled pleasure, only to ensure that the climax is accompanied by unbearable pain.

#DOYOUTHINKIAMSEXY is a masterpiece crafted by the talented Dennis N. Marasigan, a renowned filmmaker recognized for his exceptional screenplays at the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Golden Screen Awards.

The film’s irresistible allure is heightened by an exceptional supporting cast, including Chloe Jenna, Hershie de Leon, Milana Ikimoto, and Ava Mendez.

Dr. Cha Korean Drama

“Doctor Cha” is a drama series produced by JTBC that aired in 2023. The story revolves around Cha Jung-Sook, a doctor who decides to leave her medical career behind to become a full-time housewife and dedicate herself to her family. However, after two decades, she unexpectedly finds herself returning to medical school as a resident student. The series follows her journey as she faces the challenges of balancing her personal life, reacquainting herself with the medical field, and pursuing her passion for medicine once again.

Genre: Medical, Slice of Life Number of Episodes: 16 Writer: Jung Yeo-Rang Director: Kim Dae-Jin Network: JTBC Streaming Platform: Netflix Premiere Date: April 15, 2023


Cha Jung-Sook (Uhm Jung-Hwa) is married to Seo In-Ho (Kim Byung-Chul), a renowned chief surgeon at a prestigious university hospital. In-Ho is known for his strict, meticulous, and detail-oriented personality, which has earned him a reputation as a highly skilled and dedicated professional.

Throughout their marriage, Jung-Sook has been a devoted full-time housewife, putting her own aspirations on hold after making the difficult decision to give up her medical career during her residency years. However, after two decades of supporting her husband’s career and raising their family, she feels a strong desire to reignite her passion for medicine.

Motivated by her unwavering determination and longing to pursue her dreams, Jung-Sook makes the courageous decision to restart her medical residency. Despite the challenges that lie ahead, including the demanding nature of the profession and the need to catch up on the latest advancements, she is willing to put in the hard work and dedication required to succeed.

As she embarks on this new chapter of her life, Jung-Sook faces various obstacles. From the skepticism of her peers to the difficulty of balancing her responsibilities as a wife, mother, and medical resident, she must navigate a complex web of challenges while maintaining her unwavering resolve.

With the support of her husband In-Ho, who recognizes and respects her passion for medicine, Jung-Sook finds strength and encouragement in their relationship. In-Ho, despite his strict and meticulous personality, understands the importance of pursuing one’s dreams and stands by her side as she strives to fulfill her potential.

Together, Jung-Sook and In-Ho face the ups and downs of their respective journeys, finding solace and inspiration in each other. Jung-Sook’s decision to restart her medical residency not only represents her personal growth but also serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of pursuing one’s true calling, no matter the obstacles that may stand in the way.