US x Her Full Movie

Us X Her – Vivamax Movie

A couple in trouble. A stranger who is tempting. It was a surprise love. Here are the parts that make up “Us x Her,” the new Filipino thriller from Jules Katanyag. This movie looks like it will be a fascinating look at love, desire, and having the guts to go against what society says you should do.

A Relationship in Trouble

The story is about a young couple whose relationship used to be very exciting but has lost its spark. Their marriage is in trouble because they don’t talk about their feelings of anger and rising distance. As they think about the chance of being apart, Angeli Khang plays a beautiful and interesting woman who comes into their lives.

A New Spark Starts

When this stranger shows up, it makes things even more chaotic for the couple. But the surprising turn doesn’t come from a nasty love triangle. Instead, it comes from the two women becoming closer to each other. As they try to figure out how they feel about each other, the movie questions what people usually think about love and family.

Besides the Obviously

“Us x Her” isn’t your average story about cheating. It explores the complicated nature of human feelings and shows how love can grow in strange places. The movie is about finding out about yourself, accepting yourself, and having the courage to follow your heart no matter what other people say.

A skilled cast gives the story more depth.

The movie has a great cast, with AJ Raval, Angeli Khang, and Kiko Estrada playing the main roles. Their acting will be very important in showing how the characters’ feelings change over time and how complicated their relationships become.

Are you interested in “Us x Her”?

For people who like stories that question the norm, this movie is a must-see. “Us x Her” is a movie that will speak to you if you want to see something that shows love in all its forms and encourages people to be true to themselves.

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Virgin Forest Full Movie

Virgin Forest – Vivamax Movie

Virgin Forest is not like other nature documentaries. This Filipino movie from 2022, directed by Brillante Mendoza, is a controversial mix of different types of movies, including erotic drama, social comments, and environmental thrillers. 

An Unexpected Find by a Photographer

In the story, Sid Lucero plays a photographer who is sent deep into the Philippine mountains to take a picture of a rare flower. When he finds a hidden brothel that caters to illegal loggers, his plan takes a turn he didn’t expect. Women are being held prisoners here, and their beauty is being used for profit. This is a harsh reality that is very different from the lushness of the forest.

The Missed Chance to Be Great?

Early reviews gave the movie a chance to be a unique study. It sounds very interesting to talk about a “mystical and mystifying romp through nature” that combines art, sex, and environmental issues. Even so, some reviewers said the execution wasn’t good enough. The “shocking” and “bombastic” parts of the movie may have masked the deeper themes, making the movie feel like it missed a chance.

Is There More to Virgin Forest Than Meets the Eye?

Even though the reviews were mixed, Virgin Forest might still be worth seeing for people who want to see a movie that breaks the rules. The film’s beautiful nature setting next to the harsh realities of human trafficking could make people think about protecting the environment and fair treatment of people.

More in-depth: Telling the Difference Between Art and Exploitation

It is important to keep in mind that sexual films can be very close to being exploitative. If you want to watch Virgin Forest, discover more about its plot ahead of time to make sure it fits your tastes.

Finally, a movie for people who are interested and willing to learn.

Virgin Forest is a movie that is hard to put into a single category. It might not be for everyone, but if you want something different from your normal movie night, this one might be worth looking into because it combines different types of movies in a way that might get people talking.

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rewind 2023 poster


Rewind, directed by Mae Cruz-Alviar, stands out not only for its story that blurs the lines between different genres, but also for the way it uses romance and science fiction to explore deeper themes of love, sorrow, and the chance for a second chance. The movie makes you feel things because it shows how relationships work and how painful it is to wish you could change things.

Moments That Stick Out

One scene that really moved me was when John, who was played with great depth by Dingdong Dantes, first sees that he might be able to save Mary. Dantes was able to show strong feelings without words, as shown by the mix of hope and anxiety in his eyes. This scene shows the main problem of the movie: the desire to change the past and the unexpected problems that come up when you try to do so.

The way Marian Rivera shows Mary is very different from how John is showing his pain. John is looking for peace and acceptance, and her character represents those things. Their relationship is very touching. It breaks my heart that they had to have that last talk before the accident. This scene shows how the movie explores the “what ifs” and “if onlys” that haunt us.

Getting into the Movie’s Ideas

People who watch “Rewind” are moved to think about their own lives and connections. The story makes you think about what love is and how far we would go to make things right. Sci-fi time travel is used cleverly in the movie not just as a plot device but also as a way to explore the human condition by asking: what parts of our lives would we choose to relive, change, or even remove if we could?

A Way to Start A Conversation

I want people to tell me what they think about “Rewind.” What parts of the movie really hit home for you? How do you see the balance between love, loss, and the chance to change the past? We should talk about the themes of “Rewind” and how they make us think about relationships and second chances.

The movie “Rewind” is more than just a story; it’s an emotional trip that makes you think deeply about love and life. The acting by Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera makes the movie better, and their roles make the characters’ experiences feel very real and easy to understand. “Rewind” is a must-see movie for anyone who likes romance, is interested in time travel, or just wants to see a movie that gives a deep look at what it means to be human.

Let’s enjoy not only the story of “Rewind,” but also the talks it starts about love, regret, and the chance to make things right again. If you could go back in time, what would you do?

Love Story Over and Over:

At its heart, “Rewind” is a love story about John (Dingdong Dantes) and Mary (Marian Rivera), a couple whose long-lasting love has grown cold. John is deeply saddened by the death of Mary, and he decides to take up a strange offer to change their fate by reliving the day of the accident. The idea of this story sets the stage for a touching journey of redemption and rediscovery.

A Sync of Performances:

The main acts in “Rewind” are without a doubt its strongest points. Dantes and Rivera give powerful performances that show the hurt of loss, the need for change, and the love that holds them together. Their chemistry on screen is great, and the audience can relate to how vulnerable their characters are.

Timey Questions, Familiar Answers

The sci-fi part of the movie—being able to go back in time—brings up interesting questions about free will, fate, and the butterfly effect. The way these ideas are explored, on the other hand, is mostly on the surface, with an emphasis on emotional impact rather than philosophical depth. The movie stays focused on the love story, sometimes missing out on the chance to explore more deeply the meanings of time travel.

The love story is moving, but it goes to a place that has been told before. There are a lot of movies that deal with themes like sorrow, redemption, and giving up personal wants for love’s sake, and this one isn’t any different. People who want a new story might feel a little let down by this situation.

“Rewind” looks great with its beautiful Philippine scenery and well-done special effects that fit in perfectly with the story. The photography makes a beautiful background for the emotional journey, which makes the whole experience better.

Which is it? Rewind or Fast Forward?

The movie “Rewind” is a hit with lots of people because it tells a touching love story and looks amazing. But if you want a sci-fi movie that really gets into the complexities of time travel or a love story that does something new, you might be disappointed. In the end, “Rewind” is best enjoyed for its emotional core and the strong performances of its stars. It’s a pleasant, if familiar, trip down memory lane in the movies.

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Haslers poster

Haslers – Vivamax Movie

In the movie world of 2023, “Haslers” stands out as a touching Filipino drama that has the ups and downs of friendship, the core of forgiveness, and the lasting effects of shared histories. This story goes into great detail about the rifts that have formed between a group of friends who used to be inseparable because of unresolved grudges that have been ignored for years. The result is a painting that is full of emotional depth and human complexity.

The Thoughts Behind the Lens

With skillful direction by Jose Abdel Langit, “Haslers” shows how the lives of Thea (Denise Esteban), Camille (Hershie De Leon), Bea (Angelica Cervantes), and Mikay (Quinn Carrillo) are linked. The story brings them back together at the memorial service for a common friend, which is a sad event that sets the stage for them to face their broken past and look for comfort in truth and reconciliation.

A Trip Through the Heart

The movie starts by showing how deeply each character is struggling inside: Thea’s fight with ambition and guilt, Camille’s battle with her fears, Bea’s search for peace, and Mikay’s search for unity. Their shared story shows how complicated life is and how strong and fragile human ties can be when things go wrong.

What It Means to Forgive

At its core, “Haslers” is about how forgiveness can change things. It shows how hard it is to heal and understand each other, and how hard it is to fix relationships that have been hurt by time and lies. Through its story, the movie supports the idea that people can get along again and that friendship can help you get through life’s rough patches.

The Sound of Many Performances

“Haslers” is even more appealing because of how well its main quartet plays. Esteban, De Leon, Cervantes, and Carrillo all give performances that are honest and vulnerable, getting to the heart of their characters’ journeys. Their bond as a group is what the movie is all about, showing how complicated friendship really is.

A High Commendation

Reviewers have praised “Haslers” for its smart look at female relationships, deep study of mature themes, and interesting character arcs. The movie shows how stories can help us understand the complexities of human relationships. It’s a must-see for anyone interested in life’s complexities and the healing power of forgiveness.

For movie fans looking for a story that thoughtfully explores the complexities of friendship and the healing power of forgiveness, “Haslers” promises a journey full of emotional resonance and story depth that reinforces the strength of human connections in the face of hardship.

“Haslers” Theme Songs and Scars

“Haslers” (2023) is more than just a Filipino drama. It’s a beautiful weave of secrets, memories, and the strength of female friendships that lasts. The movie, directed by Jose Abdel Langit, is about four friends who have lost touch with each other: Thea, Camille, Bea, and Mikay. A tragic event brings them back together and forces them to face their broken past and the scandalous truth that drove them apart.

The movie’s strength is how well it shows the journey of each character. We see Thea struggling with ambition and guilt, Camille facing her own demons, Bea looking for security, and Mikay wanting to make peace. The skillful weaving of these different stories together shows how complicated their shared past is and how they’ve dealt with the events that caused their relationship to break down in different ways.

The movie “Haslers” doesn’t shy away from showing strong feelings. The characters deal with pain, anger, and betrayal, which makes their weakness and need for forgiveness even more moving. At times, they are brutally honest, have emotional fights, and even laugh as they remember better times. The movie makes it easy for viewers to relate to each character and understand what drives them and the problems they face.

Some of the best performances are by Denise Esteban, Hershie De Leon, Angelica Cervantes, and Quinn Carrillo. They bring the characters to life with realism and depth. You can’t deny how well they work together on screen, which shows how deep and long-lasting their friendship is, including both its good times and bad. The way they play each character is nuanced and complicated, which lets the audience connect with each one on a personal level.

“Haslers” looks at ideas that are universal across cultures. It talks about how hard it is to accept, how hard it is to face the past, and how strong female friendships are. Trust, responsibility, and the chance to move on even though mistakes have been made are all important themes in the movie. It sends a positive message by saying that people can fix even the worst relationships by being honest with each other and forgiving each other.

A Filipino drama you must see:

Even though “Haslers” isn’t a fun movie to watch, it stays with you long after the story ends. A powerful look at ties between people, wrapped in an interesting story, and brought to life by great acting. You should definitely add “Haslers” to your list of movies to watch because it will make you think about friendship, loss, and healing in a deep way.

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adonis x at pinoy movie geek

Adonis X – Vivamax Movie

“Adonis X” is a movie that mixes fantasy, artistic expression, and the complicated nature of relationships between people in a way that is very interesting. The story is told with a strong sense of emotional depth, and it makes you think about creation, loneliness, and the strange ways love can show up.

Meet the artist Dan:

Dan, our main character, is the perfect example of an artist: he is under a lot of pressure to finish a commission piece while also dealing with the problems in his work. His love for art is strong, but his inner struggle shows the worries and doubts that many artists have.

A Point of No Return: Adonis X Wakes Up:

When Dan’s latest creation, Adonis X, breaks the rules of fantasy and comes to life, the movie becomes fantastical. In this moment of awe, the artist and his live muse begin a relationship that will grow over time.

An Unimaginable Bond: The movie does a great job of showing how Dan and Adonis X have a special bond. The story goes into themes of loneliness, the search for companionship, and the surprising ways love can show up as Adonis X goes from being a silent muse to a confidante. Their “bromance” goes against social norms and makes people think about what love is and how much creativity can show itself.

Visuals and Performances: The movie’s visual story is just as interesting as its story. The cinematography does a great job of capturing the lively energy of the art world and the quiet solitude of the artist’s workshop. The special effects make Adonis X seem like a natural part of the story, adding to the magical realism without taking away from the movie’s emotional heart.

Putting on performances brings the characters to life. The main actor who plays Dan gives a nuanced performance that shows how he is torn inside and amazed by Adonis X’s appearance. The actor who plays Adonis X handles the difficulties of being a living thing with strength and weakness, making an effect on the viewers that lasts.

Philosophies and Thoughts: “Adonis X” is more than just a fun movie. It makes people think about the act of making something, what friendship means, and how the lines between love and friendship are often confused. It makes you think about how people connect with each other and how these can form out of the blue in the strangest situations.

A Movie for People Who Want to Keep an Open Mind:

The movie doesn’t give easy answers. Instead, it gives room for personal interpretation and thought. By not giving clear answers, it encourages people to think about the story more deeply, coming to their own conclusions and thinking about the questions it brings up.

“Adonis X” stays with you long after the movie is over. People will always remember it, and it will make them appreciate the art of storytelling even more, as well as the endless ways it can be used to explore the human condition. This movie reminds us of the magic in the world, both seen and unseen, and the beauty of connections that come out of the blue and go beyond the everyday.

A bond that can’t be imagined

The movie does a great job of showing how Dan and Adonis X’s relationship changes over time. The actors who play them are masters at giving their characters realness and depth. The story is about how Adonis X changes from a silent muse to a live confidante. It also talks about loneliness, friendship, and the strange ways love can show up. The “bromance” that grows between them goes against the rules and makes you think deeply about love and the limits of art.

Performance and Looks

The way “Adonis X” tells its story visually is just as interesting as the story itself. The cinematography catches the essence of the creative process by contrasting the busy art world with the artist’s space and time alone. When Adonis X comes to life, the special effects work perfectly with the story, adding to its magical realism without taking away from its emotional heart.

The acts are what make the movie go. The lead actor who plays Dan gives a multi-layered performance that shows how the artist is struggling inside and how amazed he is by Adonis X’s rise to fame. In the meantime, the actor who plays Adonis X gives a strong and moving performance about how hard it is to be a creation seeing the world for the first time.

“Adonis X” is more than just a magical realism story; it’s also a reflection on life, friendship, and how love and friendship can be hard to tell apart. People who watch it are made to think about relationships and how people can connect with each other in the strangest ways. The movie doesn’t give simple answers; instead, it lets you think about it and decide for yourself what it all means.

Last Thoughts

“Adonis X” is a unique film that masterfully blends fantasy, art, and feeling into a story that keeps you interested. It’s a movie that makes people think about how deeply they understand love and friendship. “Adonis X” is a must-see for movie fans who like movies that are both entertaining and make them think deeply. It has beautiful visuals, strong acting, and a story that makes you think.

When “Adonis X” is over, it leaves an indelible mark on the watcher, making them appreciate the art of storytelling even more and the endless ways it can be used to look into the human condition. This movie reminds us of the magic in the world, both seen and hidden, and the beauty of connections that come out of the blue and go beyond the normal.

alona navarro

Alona Navarro – Vivamax Actress

Alona Navarro, a talented Filipino actress and model, has made notable contributions to the film and television industry since her career launch in 2022. Born in the Philippines, Navarro quickly gained recognition through her roles in various films and TV series.

Her acting journey began in 2022, marked by her performance in the acclaimed film “Suki” and the movie “Marga.” That same year, she expanded her repertoire by portraying the character ‘Iza’ in the TV series “Lovely Ladies Dormitory.”

Navarro’s filmography continued to grow with the release of “Purificacion,” further showcasing her versatile acting skills. The year 2023 brought more opportunities for Navarro, with her involvement in two more films, “Beloved” and “Young Grace,” both of which have contributed to her rising prominence in the entertainment industry.


Suki – Vivamax Movie

Eba (Azi Acosta), the captivating new dancer at Kalaguyo strip club, quickly becomes a customer favorite. Club manager Mommy Girlie (Gwen Garci) declares Eba the new star, much to the chagrin of former lead dancer Marga (Alona Navarro), who has been at the club for four years. Eba attracts the attention of affluent vlogger Max (Jiad Arroyo), who frequently books her for exclusive performances in the VIP room.

Meanwhile, Adan (John Flores) rises as the star performer at Machismo strip club, winning the favor of patrons under the guidance of club manager Mama Chandra (Chad Kinis). Adan’s kindness extends beyond the club; he supports three orphaned street boys, reminiscent of his own past.

Azi Acosta’s portrayal of Eba showcases her ability to deliver emotionally charged scenes, though her on-stage confidence doesn’t quite match her “queen of the club” status. John Flores, with his distinct chinito looks, brings a fresh and natural acting style to his first lead role, reminiscent of actors from Korean dramas.

“Suki,” directed by Alexander Langitan, explores the lives of both female and male strip dancers, a common theme in Vivamax films. However, “Suki” deviates from the norm by depicting its characters as financially more fluid than typical film portrayals of prostitutes.

A unique aspect of “Suki” is the interaction between its characters. Eba and Marga, both working as prostitutes, are seen hiring the services of Adan, indicating a complex web of relationships and rivalries within the strip club scene.

The film also challenges traditional depictions of prostitutes’ living conditions. Instead of the stereotypical impoverished settings, characters like Eba live in comfortable, well-appointed homes. This shift is highlighted when Eba moves into an upscale house with Adan, suggesting a different socioeconomic background for these characters compared to typical portrayals.


Lagaslas – Vivamax Movie


Prepare to immerse yourself in an unprecedented, steamy drama-thriller brought to you by Vivamax. Titled “Lagaslas,” this movie marks a daring venture into the world of erotic drama. The film features Manang Medina and VR Relosa in leading roles and will be available for streaming exclusively on Vivamax starting February 17.

“Lagaslas” narrates the intense tale of a young man, Edmar, portrayed by VR Relosa, who develops an obsessive infatuation with Karisma, played by Manang Medina. Their paths cross when Edmar glimpses Karisma bathing one morning, sparking his fixation.

Set in a quaint provincial town, the story delves into Edmar’s growing obsession. He frequently spies on Karisma, his neighbor, becoming enamored after witnessing her unclothed during a bath. This voyeuristic behavior reveals to him that Karisma is the caretaker of her adoptive father, Vicencio, a disabled elderly man portrayed by Julio Diaz.

One day, as Edmar continues his routine of spying, Karisma catches him. However, instead of rebuffing him, she surprisingly allows him to touch her, initiating a series of sensual encounters.

Edmar, perceived as naïve, believes his relationship with Karisma is flourishing. His world is upended when he discovers a hidden romantic affair between Karisma and Vicencio. The revelation leaves him heartbroken and desperate to win Karisma’s sole affection.

“Lagaslas” features fresh talents VR Relosa and Manang Medina, alongside seasoned actors Julio Diaz, Rubi Rubi, and Arnold Reyes. This film is notable for being the first Vivamax Original Movie directed by Christopher Novabos, marking his mainstream directorial debut.

Andrea garcia

Andrea Garcia – Vivamax Actress

Andrea Garcia is emerging as one of the latest sensations under Viva, known for her roles in the eight-part series “Secrets of a Nympho” and the movie “Alapaap,” both set to be streamed on Vivamax. Coming from a lineage of actors, she is the granddaughter of the esteemed actress Marissa Delgado and daughter of Kevin Delgado, who also dabbled in acting during his youth.

Andrea shared that her grandmother had encouraged her to pursue acting for a long time, but she only recently committed to it. Initially keeping her foray into showbiz a secret from her family, she surprised them with her decision. Before joining the industry, Andrea established herself as a social media influencer on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, gaining a significant following. Her association with Viva Artists Agency marked her formal entry into acting, leading to roles in “Iskandalo” and “High on Sex.”

Growing up around the showbiz environment during her grandmother’s tapings, Andrea was exposed to acting from a young age. She also took acting workshops to hone her skills. Currently, she has paused her college education to focus on her acting career, with ambitions in singing and hosting as well.

Andrea admires Anne Curtis for her acting prowess and hosting charisma, aspiring to emulate Curtis’s journey from sexy roles to being recognized for her talent. She expressed a desire to grow in her craft, committing to giving her best in all projects.

In “Secrets of a Nympho,” Andrea plays a campus girl entangled in a mystery surrounding a top jock’s death, portrayed by Arron Villaflor. Her character faces relationship challenges due to her boyfriend’s (Jiad Arroyo) secret affair.

“Alapaap” sees her in the role of Cathy, a film student experimenting with drugs. Her character navigates complex relationships, including a secret affair with another girl in her group.

Describing her approach to sexy roles, Andrea proudly states she has no restrictions and considers herself to be the most daring among her peers, showcasing her confidence and commitment to her career.

debbie garcia

Debbie Garcia – Vivamax Actress

Debbie Garcia, recently in the spotlight due to her altercation with actress Barbie Imperial at Tipsy Pig Gastropub in Quezon City, has a multifaceted career in the entertainment industry. The incident, which occurred in the early hours of October 28, led Garcia to file a blotter report at a police station in Kamuning, Quezon City, against Barbie.

Known for her work alongside Diego Loyzaga, Barbie’s ex-boyfriend, in the movie “The Wife,” Debbie has established herself as a versatile talent in show business.

Profile of Debbie Garcia:

  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5’3″
  • Career: Actress, Dancer, Vlogger, Model

Biography: Debbie, an orphan, began her career as a model before transitioning to acting. She gained early recognition as part of the cast of “Banana Split.” Her break came in 2010 when she joined the dance team of Willie Revillame’s TV-5 variety show “Willing-Willie,” which led to her introduction to Viva Artist Agency.

Her acting portfolio includes notable roles in “The Housemaid” (2021), “May-December-January” (2022), and “Girlfriend for Hire” (2016). She has also appeared in various television series, such as GMA 7’s “Marimar,” ABS-CBN’s “Ang Probinsyano,” and “Maalaala Mo Kaya” (MMK).

Debbie, who had once considered a career as a flight stewardess, is also popular on social media, boasting over 187,000 followers on Instagram.

In 2020, Debbie expanded her presence to YouTube, where she engages her audience through vlogging, amassing over 25,000 subscribers. Her diverse career and online presence highlight her adaptability and popularity in the entertainment landscape.