Lagaslas – Vivamax Movie


Prepare to immerse yourself in an unprecedented, steamy drama-thriller brought to you by Vivamax. Titled “Lagaslas,” this movie marks a daring venture into the world of erotic drama. The film features Manang Medina and VR Relosa in leading roles and will be available for streaming exclusively on Vivamax starting February 17.

“Lagaslas” narrates the intense tale of a young man, Edmar, portrayed by VR Relosa, who develops an obsessive infatuation with Karisma, played by Manang Medina. Their paths cross when Edmar glimpses Karisma bathing one morning, sparking his fixation.

Set in a quaint provincial town, the story delves into Edmar’s growing obsession. He frequently spies on Karisma, his neighbor, becoming enamored after witnessing her unclothed during a bath. This voyeuristic behavior reveals to him that Karisma is the caretaker of her adoptive father, Vicencio, a disabled elderly man portrayed by Julio Diaz.

One day, as Edmar continues his routine of spying, Karisma catches him. However, instead of rebuffing him, she surprisingly allows him to touch her, initiating a series of sensual encounters.

Edmar, perceived as naïve, believes his relationship with Karisma is flourishing. His world is upended when he discovers a hidden romantic affair between Karisma and Vicencio. The revelation leaves him heartbroken and desperate to win Karisma’s sole affection.

“Lagaslas” features fresh talents VR Relosa and Manang Medina, alongside seasoned actors Julio Diaz, Rubi Rubi, and Arnold Reyes. This film is notable for being the first Vivamax Original Movie directed by Christopher Novabos, marking his mainstream directorial debut.

Andrea garcia

Andrea Garcia – Vivamax Actress

Andrea Garcia is emerging as one of the latest sensations under Viva, known for her roles in the eight-part series “Secrets of a Nympho” and the movie “Alapaap,” both set to be streamed on Vivamax. Coming from a lineage of actors, she is the granddaughter of the esteemed actress Marissa Delgado and daughter of Kevin Delgado, who also dabbled in acting during his youth.

Andrea shared that her grandmother had encouraged her to pursue acting for a long time, but she only recently committed to it. Initially keeping her foray into showbiz a secret from her family, she surprised them with her decision. Before joining the industry, Andrea established herself as a social media influencer on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, gaining a significant following. Her association with Viva Artists Agency marked her formal entry into acting, leading to roles in “Iskandalo” and “High on Sex.”

Growing up around the showbiz environment during her grandmother’s tapings, Andrea was exposed to acting from a young age. She also took acting workshops to hone her skills. Currently, she has paused her college education to focus on her acting career, with ambitions in singing and hosting as well.

Andrea admires Anne Curtis for her acting prowess and hosting charisma, aspiring to emulate Curtis’s journey from sexy roles to being recognized for her talent. She expressed a desire to grow in her craft, committing to giving her best in all projects.

In “Secrets of a Nympho,” Andrea plays a campus girl entangled in a mystery surrounding a top jock’s death, portrayed by Arron Villaflor. Her character faces relationship challenges due to her boyfriend’s (Jiad Arroyo) secret affair.

“Alapaap” sees her in the role of Cathy, a film student experimenting with drugs. Her character navigates complex relationships, including a secret affair with another girl in her group.

Describing her approach to sexy roles, Andrea proudly states she has no restrictions and considers herself to be the most daring among her peers, showcasing her confidence and commitment to her career.

debbie garcia

Debbie Garcia – Vivamax Actress

Debbie Garcia, recently in the spotlight due to her altercation with actress Barbie Imperial at Tipsy Pig Gastropub in Quezon City, has a multifaceted career in the entertainment industry. The incident, which occurred in the early hours of October 28, led Garcia to file a blotter report at a police station in Kamuning, Quezon City, against Barbie.

Known for her work alongside Diego Loyzaga, Barbie’s ex-boyfriend, in the movie “The Wife,” Debbie has established herself as a versatile talent in show business.

Profile of Debbie Garcia:

  • Age: 26
  • Height: 5’3″
  • Career: Actress, Dancer, Vlogger, Model

Biography: Debbie, an orphan, began her career as a model before transitioning to acting. She gained early recognition as part of the cast of “Banana Split.” Her break came in 2010 when she joined the dance team of Willie Revillame’s TV-5 variety show “Willing-Willie,” which led to her introduction to Viva Artist Agency.

Her acting portfolio includes notable roles in “The Housemaid” (2021), “May-December-January” (2022), and “Girlfriend for Hire” (2016). She has also appeared in various television series, such as GMA 7’s “Marimar,” ABS-CBN’s “Ang Probinsyano,” and “Maalaala Mo Kaya” (MMK).

Debbie, who had once considered a career as a flight stewardess, is also popular on social media, boasting over 187,000 followers on Instagram.

In 2020, Debbie expanded her presence to YouTube, where she engages her audience through vlogging, amassing over 25,000 subscribers. Her diverse career and online presence highlight her adaptability and popularity in the entertainment landscape.


Kabayo – Vivamax Movie


The trend of prioritizing explicit scenes in Vivamax’s productions seems evident in “Kabayo,” the directorial debut of Pinoy-Italian Gianfranco Morciano. The film, catering to the expectations of Vivamax’s audience, is filled with steamy sequences that leave little to the imagination.

The movie kicks off with a bedroom scene featuring Rico Barrera and his partner Julia Victoria, escalating to various adventurous encounters including threesomes. The film features Apple Castro, Angelo Ilagan, and Paolo Rivero in key roles, engaging in these explicit scenes.

The narrative, seemingly a backdrop for the sexual content, revolves around Rico as Conrad and Julia as Laurene, a couple strained by the demands of Laurene’s brother Max, played by Ping Medina. The story also involves Easton, a balikbayan portrayed by Angelo Ilagan, whose girlfriend Mara Flores is Julia’s friend. Their liberated lifestyle leads to a mix of relationships and encounters, including lesbian and a brief homosexual interaction.

The title “Kabayo,” meaning horse, is a dual reference to Rico’s character, who works tirelessly both at his job and in satisfying Julia’s needs, and also hints at his physical attributes.

Performance-wise, the cast, mostly newcomers, are unabashed in front of the camera but lack depth in acting. This calls for more training to enhance their skills. Rico Barrera, despite his years in showbiz since joining via PBB in 2005, struggles with nuanced acting, suggesting a need for further development.

Angelo Ilagan, who made an impactful debut in “Sarong Banggi” in 2005, stands out as the most skilled actor in “Kabayo.” His portrayal of the complex Easton shows promise. With his current association with Vivamax, there’s hope for more substantial roles for him in the future.


Boso Dos – Vivamax Movie


Following her role in the revenge-thriller “Bata Pa si Sabel,” Micaella Raz stars in “Boso Dos,” a new action film where she plays a secret agent infiltrating a drug syndicate. The plot thickens as she becomes involved in a dangerous love triangle with a police officer, portrayed by Gold Aceron, and the syndicate boss, played by Vince Rillon, whom she aims to capture.

Discussing her experience, Raz reflects on her previous work with Vince Rillon in “Virgin Forest” and her first-time collaboration with Gold Aceron and director Jon Red. She praises the comfortable and enjoyable working environment created by Red and expresses her enthusiasm for returning to action roles. Following “Boso Dos,” Raz is set to pivot to a drama series.

“Boso Dos,” premiering on Vivamax on February 3, delves into the treacherous world of drug syndicates. This movie is a follow-up to the 2005 film “Boso,” directed by Jon Red, which centered around a voyeur in a boarding house and starred Katya Santos, Epy Quizon, Jaycee Parker, and Gwen Garci. Notably, Epy and Katya reappear in “Boso Dos.”

In “Boso Dos,” also helmed by Jon Red, a team of secret agents surveils an apartment converted into a drug den, targeting suspected drug trafficker Badong (Vince Rillon). Gold Aceron plays Mario, an agent who finds excitement in observing the drug syndicate’s activities, partly due to the sexual fantasies these observations evoke. Mario’s girlfriend, Stephanie (Chloe Jenna), works at a call center.

The arrival of new recruit Ara (Micaella Raz), with her striking looks and bold demeanor, captivates the agents, including Mario. Ara’s mission to get close to Badong is crucial for gathering information and eventually arresting the syndicate members. However, complications arise as both Mario and Badong develop feelings for Ara, leading to a web of manipulation and deceit.

The film, directed by Cannes Film Festival award-winning director Jon Red, features a cast including Gold Aceron, Micaella Raz, Vince Rillon, Amor Lapus, Alvaro Oteyza, and Chloe Jenna, with appearances by seasoned actors like Rico Soliman, Ronnie Lazaro, Katya Santos, and Epy Quizon.

“Boso Dos,” a Viva Films production, warns viewers to stay vigilant and trust no one. The film streams exclusively on Vivamax starting February 3.

salamat daks

Salamat Daks – Vivamax Movie

salamat daks

Director Bobby Bonifacio returns with his third Vivamax movie, “Salamat Daks,” set to stream from March 10. Following his debut with the psychological thriller “Tahan,” starring Cloe Baretto, and the black comedy “Bula,” with Ayanna Misola, Bonifacio now ventures into sexy comedy.

“Salamat Daks” stars Alma Moreno as Maricar, a woman in her 50s who hasn’t experienced love until she falls for a younger vlogger, Nikko Natividad. Debbie Garcia portrays her friend who persuades her to undergo cosmetic enhancements to match Nikko’s youthful appeal, leading Maricar to invest her savings in these procedures. The film, originally titled “Botox Beauty,” features Ayanna Misola as the younger-looking Maricar post-enhancements. The title playfully references the phrase “Salamat Doc,” hinting at Nikko’s character’s notable physical attribute.

Bonifacio acknowledges the similarity of his movie to transformation stories like “Miss Granny,” but emphasizes that “Salamat Daks” differentiates itself as a sexy comedy centered on cosmetic surgery and its impact.

Casting was a meticulous process. Ayanna Misola was a natural choice following their collaboration in “Bula.” For the lead role, Viva’s Boss Vic suggested Alma Moreno, who resonated with Maricar’s character, especially the aspect of falling for a younger person—a personal experience for Moreno. Bonifacio praises Moreno’s openness and professionalism on set.

Nikko Natividad was selected for his comedic talent, evident in his vlogs. Despite initial hesitation due to the film’s sexy love scenes, Natividad embraced the role, including a daring scene in the film.

Bonifacio views cosmetic enhancements positively if they boost confidence and personality, but he believes inner beauty and kindness are paramount. Looking ahead, he plans to direct two horror films and hopes to release a romcom in theaters.

la querida

La Querida – Vivamax Movie

la querida

“LA Querida” intertwines two love stories: the romance of young lovers Joel (Arron Villaflor) and Maria (Angela Morena) in their 20s, and the complex relationship of Leo (Jay Manalo) and Connie (Mercedes Cabral), a couple in their 40s. Initially, the connection between these tales is unclear, but as the movie unfolds, their link is revealed in an unexpected manner, distinct from the dual narrative style of “Bela Luna.”

Resembling “The Notebook” in its exploration of young and mature love, the film opens with Joel and Maria’s chance meeting at the Rizal Monument in Luneta, bonding over Rizal’s “Mi Ultimo Adios.” Their initial encounter, intended as a one-night stand, evolves into a deeper relationship, despite personal issues: Angela with her overbearing father (Rey Abellana) and Arron grappling with maternal conflicts.

The plot thickens when Angela is revealed to be married to Javy (Josef Elizalde), leaving Arron feeling betrayed. Meanwhile, Leo, a married man with a daughter, encounters Connie in church, only to discover she has been stalking him and willingly becomes his mistress.

Scriptwriter Eric Ramos skillfully brings these narratives to a satisfying conclusion, though the acceptance of the story’s resolution heavily relies on the audience’s engagement with the casting choices, akin to “The Notebook’s” transformation of its characters over time.

Performances in “LA Querida” are commendable. Arron and Angela deliver convincingly in both light-hearted and intense scenes, while Jay and Mercedes exhibit a strong dramatic rapport. The supporting cast, including Aurora Sevilla, Irma Adlawan, and Andrew Muhlach, enhances the film’s depth.

Director GB Sampedro’s craftsmanship shines in this Vivamax production. With Carlo Montano’s exceptional cinematography, he skillfully weaves these stories, making “LA Querida” a compelling watch.


Stalkers – Vivamax Movie


Rose Van Ginkel delivered a remarkable performance in last year’s “Kitty K7,” portraying a graphic artist who transforms into a captivating camgirl named Kitty K7 after being cheated on by her boyfriend. Her compelling portrayal in this title role is deemed worthy of an acting nomination. Her career momentum continues, with notable roles in “Martyr or Murderer” and a Disney Plus action series, “Big Bet,” where she stars alongside a Korean actor.

Van Ginkel now takes on a significant role in the Vivamax mini-series “Stalkers,” playing Apple, the secret crush of Wilbert Ross’s character, Harry. In this series, Harry is an introverted individual who becomes fixated on Apple and begins stalking her. When asked if she had experienced stalking in real life, Rose, who had just celebrated her birthday before the Sunday press conference for “Stalkers,” shared that she was stalked in college. This experience, involving persistent attention and unsolicited gifts, was intimidating and led her to fear going out for a time.

Directed by Easy Ferrer, known for “Finding You,” “The Missing,” and the Boys Love series “Ben and Jim,” “Stalkers” explores the theme of obsession and the consequences of strong feelings toward someone.

The narrative of “Stalkers” centers on Harry, portrayed by Wilbert Ross, an IT expert at a BPO company with a mysterious past. Despite being good-looking, Harry is reclusive due to his skin condition and low self-esteem. He harbors deep-seated issues and fantasizes about women, including Apple, portrayed by Rose Van Ginkel. Apple is depicted as alluring and enigmatic, attracting many admirers, including Harry, who becomes her secret stalker.

The series delves into Harry’s obsession with Apple, raising questions about the extent of his surveillance and what revelations about Apple might emerge. It explores whether any unsavory discoveries about Apple would diminish Harry’s admiration or intensify it.

Joining the cast of “Stalkers” are Mark Anthony Fernandez, Yayo Aguila, Nico Locco, Gwen Garci, Keanna Reeves, Millen Gal, Chloe Jenna, Rash Flores, and Shienna Yu. The series is set to premiere on February 26, taking over the Sunday slot from “Erotica Manila.” “Stalkers” promises to be a gripping addition to the Vivamax Original Series lineup.


Christine Bermas – Vivamax Actress

Hailing from the Philippines, Christine embarked on her acting journey in 2021 with her debut in “Silab.” The following year, 2022, saw her taking on the role of “Tanya” in the film “Sisid”. By 2023, she further expanded her filmography, playing ‘Rachel’ in the movie ‘Nightbird’.


Hailing from the Philippines, this Filipina TikTok sensation made a name for herself with her captivating dance and chic fashion content. One of her standout moments includes a clip showcasing intense plyometric exercises, which garnered over 3 million views. Beyond TikTok, she’s ventured into the film world, gracing the silver screen in movies like Nightbird, Relyebo, Beyond the Sky, and Island of Desire.


Her foray into TikTok began on March 29, 2021, when she and a friend grooved to a track by Cardi B, marking her debut on the platform.


Under the username christinebermass, she has charmed 1.7 million followers on TikTok and racked up 12 million likes. Her talents extend to acting, with a notable role in a show on the Viva Max network. Over on Instagram, where she goes by christinebermas_, she showcases her modeling prowess to her 150,000 strong following.


Born and raised in the Philippines, Christine embraces her Filipino heritage with pride.

sitio diablo

Sitio Diablo – Vivamax Movie

Roman Perez Jr. once again showcases his unique blend of gritty violence and explicit content in a movie that dives deep into the tumultuous world of street gang wars. Vivamax subscribers are in for a treat with an engaging story of animosity, power dynamics, and betrayal set against a backdrop of raw emotion and physicality.

Viva executives continue to trust Perez, acknowledging his knack for delivering precisely what the streaming platform’s audience desires. He crafts stories that not only entertain but captivate.

Set in “Sitio Diablo”, a notorious slum near Baseco Compound, the narrative revolves around the power struggles among its criminal factions. The Diablos once held sway here, led by the formidable Tonix (played by Benj Sangalang), but his incarceration paved the way for the Ilustrados and the Aztecs to dominate. Kiko Estrada portrays Bullet, the leader of the Ilustrados, and is romantically involved with Aina (AJ Raval), the sibling of Tonix. This complex web of relationships intensifies when a corrupt officer (portrayed by Joko Diaz) orchestrates Tonix’s release, further fueling the fires of conflict and rivalry.

The film paints a vivid picture of how vulnerable communities like Sitio Diablo are exploited by political bigwigs, primarily during elections. The grim depiction of the locality, replete with squalor and deterioration, provides an apt setting for Perez’s storytelling style. The infusion of hiphop music further accentuates the raw, urban ambiance of the story.

AJ Raval delivers a commendable performance, torn between loyalty and love, drawing parallels to the timeless tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. A particular scene, where her character reveals a twist, stands out as a testament to her talent.

However, it’s Kiko Estrada who shines the brightest as Bullet. His portrayal is both intense and nuanced, proving his mettle as a leading actor. A scene where he persuades AJ’s character to seek a better life elsewhere showcases his ability to evoke emotion without resorting to dramatic overtures. Contrasting with another character’s boisterous presence, Kiko’s subtle approach proves more impactful. His promising performance suggests a bright future ahead in the industry, and one can only hope for more roles that tap into his potential.